Don Bosco School


On May 16, 1928, four Salesians – Fr. Joseph Hauber (the Rector), Fr.. Austin Dehlert, Bro. William Haughey and Bro. Michael Devalle took over the management of the Educational Institution of the Immaculate Conception from Fr. J.S. Freitas S.J. The school was housed in a rented building called “Tardeo Castle”. When the new school year commenced on June 6, 1928, there was complete change of staff and servants. On the rolls were one hundred and eight-nine day scholars and ninety-eight boarders. The staff was composed of nine masters and four lady teachers. Mr. Roch Thomas was the Headmaster officially from July 1, 1928. Two years later in June 1930, the institution changed its name to ` Don Bosco High School’. In 1932 Fr. Adolf Torniquist succeeded Fr. Hauber, staying in office until his departure for Argentina in May 1936. The school then remained without a Rector for nine months.

In 1937, Rev. Fr. Aurelius Maschio was appointed Superior. Gifted with rare foresight, dynamism and with a penchant for materializing his plans. Fr. Aurelius made an assessment of the existing situation, laid out his plans and launched out in a massive way to obtain funds. He found at Matunga a spacious plot – a landscape of marsh, water filled pits and slimy mud, which he proposed to buy. In the meanwhile Rev. Frs. Berruti and Candela of the Superior Chapter, during their brief stop in Bombay on their way back to Turin from the Far East visited the proposed Matunga plot and gave their approval for its purchase.

With notice to quit Tardeo Castle by October 1, 1940 the entire school was shifted to a place called “Hilltop” on Carmichael Road at Cumbala Hill by the end of September 1940. In the meanwhile all attention was focused upon the new place bought at Matunga for a future Don Bosco Institution. And so it came to pass that on March 19, 1941, the foundation stone of the new building in Matunga was blessed and laid by Archbishop Thomas Roberts S.J.

By October 31, 1941, “Hill top” was vacated and the school moved into the partially completed building. On January 31, 1942, the premises were completed and solemnly inaugurated. It remains today as the secondary section of Don Bosco , Matunga.

The foundation stone of the primary section building was blessed and laid on the feast of Don Bosco January 31, 1950. The building was completed in time for the new school year of June 1951.

During the rectorship of Fr. M.Casarotti (1952 – 1958), the shrine of Don Bosco`s Madonna was started and completed by Fr.Maschio . Fr.Hubert Rosario became the next Rector. He was elected Bishop of Dibrugarh at the end of his term. On November 28, 1958, during the sacred function of the consecration of the new church, Bishop D`Rosario with seven other bishops also consecrated the eight beautiful altars of the Church and Crypt.

In January 1965, Fr. John Giacomello, Rector and Rev. Fr. Ignatius Rubio, Administrator, built what is the present boarding house.